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Meet Early Years Inclusion Consultant: Verity Harvey

I am a dynamic, innovative and committed educator, working with predominantly early years and primary aged students.

I have over 20 years experience working in schools and special educational settings, 15 of which have been in leadership roles across special education and mainstream settings.

My role at AQ is as an Early Years Inclusion Consultant and Early Years Teacher. I enjoy embracing new roles and responsibilities and strive to continue learning through ongoing research and professional development. As a result of my training in mentoring and coaching practices, I believe in my intuitive abilities to relate to and support others, whilst thinking outside the box to maintain a shared vision with early childhood and school communities.

As a career teacher, I am passionate about inclusion and accessibility to education for all. I believe we have every opportunity to entrench ourselves in futuristic, relationship-centred and neuro-affirming movements, and they should be widely accepted, discussed openly and celebrated in education settings. On a personal note, l enjoy music, drama and dance, and find ways to integrate the creative arts into early childhood programs to motivate and engage young children.